weekend adventures

Friends, prepare yourselves for a blogging binge. I’ve had so many posts at various stages of completion sitting around waiting for some perfect, inspired afternoon to be published to the interwebs. It’s pouring and dreary and I’m in the midst of a baking frenzy, so this will have to be it. 
First up, a great Saturday a few weekends back: 
After a full week of long days in the flight room for John, plenty of babysitting for me, and the first post-Genesis-course weekend we’ve had this year, we decided to take a Saturday and explore the nearby city of Starkville, MS, home of Mississippi State University. 
After a lazy start to the day, our first stop was City Bagel. I can’t remember the last time I had a fresh bagel. I imagine their selection is better before noon, which is about when we rolled in, but my asiago bagel with homemade garlic and herb cream cheese was excellent!
We saw Jurassic Park at the theatre in 3D, which was pretty incredible. I had never seen the entire film and it had been quite a while for John as well. On our way, John said something along the lines of “Well, compared to today’s films, it’s probably not that impressive or scary.” False. Even at it’s twentieth anniversary, it remains an impressive and genuinely terrifying movie. We sat in the dark theatre through the credits to hear more of John Williams’ brilliance, which made us wistful for LA and the Hollywood Bowl. Fun memories!

After the movie, we wandered downtown Starkville, admiring the quaint architecture of Main Street and perusing local bookstores.  We stopped in at Aspen Bay, a local business that pours these candles, which you might recognize from Anthropologie. The only reason ever I cross the threshold of Anthropologie is to smell the candles and dream up scenarios in which I could move in to the store permanently (because buying their stuff is out of the question for my budget!). I was excited to learn that Aspen Bay hails from our little corner of the deep South and hit up their tent sale a few weeks back, securing a decent stockpile for the months to come. $28 candles? Never. But $4 I can do! 

Another couple on base recommended that we try Restaurant Tyler, adding that they smoke their own bacon in house and specialize in seasonal, local foods. We were sold. We shared a wonderful early dinner and will definitely be back! Columbus friends, it’s worth the drive. You can check it out here: http://www.eatlocalstarkville.com/

Our salad. 

We didn’t get a picture of our entrée before we devoured it. Pork with bacon and carmelized apples and pecans- something like that. Whatever it was, it was incredible. 

Apple pound cake for dessert. 

French pressed coffee sourced from the nextdoor 929 Coffee.

All in all, good day! 

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