Richards Family Visit

We enjoyed a visit with my family the weekend after Easter. After some time visiting family in Georgia, they were able to see us on the way back to Zion. John’s class hit the flight line that week, so while we didn’t see much of him, we made the most of our time together. 
We walked around historic downtown Columbus admiring old buildings, budding flowers and sipping cool drinks from Coffee House on 5th….except Anna. She’s a bear.

We wandered through a few antique shops, of which there are MANY here. It’s a shame antiques have become so trendy. My parents bought and refinished our baby furniture from an antique store back in day and I’m certain they didn’t pay anywhere near what these stores are asking! 

We passed by the first home of Tennessee Williams, Columbus’ claim to fame. I don’t think the Pulitzer-prize winning playwright actually lived in this house very long, but it still seems to be a big deal around here. 
Possum Town Stranglers, anyone? 
The girls loved on Kaia and my dad enjoyed several walks around the neighborhood with his “grandpuppy”.

Who needs stickers when you can show off your family in pollen? So thankful we don’t have allergies! 

On their last night here, we enjoyed Hanks BBQ for dinner and watched “Wreck-It Ralph” with chocolate chip cookies. 

The first cockroach of the season (in our house, at least) was smote by my rubber band-wielding father. Thanks, Dad. 

All in all, good visit! 

2 thoughts on “Richards Family Visit

  1. Did your dad really get the cockroach with a rubberband? Any tips on getting rid of them? The come in ginormous (no clue if that is spelled correctly) size here.. thankfully i have had VERY few compared to my neighbors… but i do not want to put poison all over my house because i dont want to walk in it all the time 😦 Any tips?


  2. Yes! I think there might've been a few shoes thrown as well. Whatever it takes!

    We definitely have the big ones too, though thankfully I haven't seen too many yet. The base bathes the whole place in pesticide (perimeters of houses and buildings), which wouldn't be my first choice of prevention, but alas, it's not up to me. I guess there's really only so much you can do. Your windows probably don't have screens, right? Sunbury used traps. Aside from that and a super clean house, I guess catnip is a natural repellent.


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