Flashback Friday

What a difference a year can make! I just discovered the beginnings of an April/May 2014 post languishing in my drafts folder. This time last year was one of the busiest, most up-in-the-air seasons of our life together so far. After earning his wings, John was away for several months of training, I traveled around a bit and spent time with family, I graduated from Moody and worked on growing our baby. We were on the brink of our move to Germany, our household goods long gone and a million questions to answer as soon as our feet touched the ground. Looking back, I’m so glad to be on this side of things! We made it. We did it. God has been so faithful!

Instead of discarding yet another neglected draft, I thought it’d be fun to do a little side by side comparing and a little catching up on our life lately.

April 2014: I celebrated Easter with my family while visiting my Uncle Fred and Aunt Renee in Albany, Georgia. I had just driven from Columbus, Mississippi with Kaia after moving out of our house and sending off our household goods shipment. John was away for training in the C-21 in Texas. Our baby was 26 weeks old and doing flips in my belly at this time last year.
April 2015: We celebrated Easter with our families in Illinois/Wisconsin, back from Germany for John’s refresher training back in Texas again. Daniel turned 8 months old while we were in the States and enjoyed spending time with his grandparents and many aunts and uncles!
April 2014: My family drove down from Georgia to spend a few days with my Great Grandma Lois who lives in Venice, Florida. She was thrilled to feel her growing great-great grandchild in my belly, which was bittersweet because we didn’t think there would be any way she’d ever get to meet the baby. After all, she was 100 years old and we were moving to Germany!
April 2015: Because we were back stateside for John’s training, my mom, sister, aunt and I made the trip down to see Grandma Lois and introduce her to her great-great grandson. How amazing to see his little hands and feet in her arms, nearly 101 years between them!
May 2014: Rachel drove down from Door County for a quick visit before we left for Germany and she left for an internship in Guatemala. Now that she’s busy being awesome in Colorado and we live across the ocean, we haven’t been able to connect since. I think this might be our lifetime record of time without a visit! We’ll remedy this someday soon.

Also last May, we celebrated my graduation from Moody Bible Institute, marking the end of a season. Distance learning is not for the faint of heart!

May 2015:  I’m thankful to have traded paper writing and theology exams for board books and bath time.

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