Beautiful Spokane

While John was away for training in Washington, I flew out to visit Stephen and Jess in Spokane. Unfortunately, John’s schedule prevented our paths from crossing while I was in town, but I enjoyed a few wonderful days of catching up with Stephen and Jess. It had been a whole year since we’d seen one another at their wedding and certainly much longer than that since we’d really had a chance to just hang out. 
Spokane is stunning. It’d be challenging to think of reasons not to live there! John and I passed through very briefly on a cross-country road trip in the fall of 2012, but it was extra special to share the beauty of this city with Stephen and Jess and to catch a glimpse of the life they’re creating together. 
We walked around downtown near the river. 

We spent an afternoon in Manito Park, which offers garden after garden of the most beautiful flowers.

We also hiked a bit in Riverside State Park, breathing in the fresh pine and loving the sunshine.

There was much tea drinking and reminiscing, reading, singing, and Scrabble-playing. What more could I ask for? Thanks for hosting me, Stephen and Jess! So thankful I got to spend some time with you before we head overseas.

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