a puppy milestone

We fear we are becoming those people.

You know, the ones whose entire lives seem to revolve around their pet. She determined our sleep schedule for months. We take dozens of photos of her. She rides in the backseat each day on the drive to and from John’s flight room. I spend my free time in places Kaia can play. And we always, always have at least one story to tell.

To be fair,  I’ll be seeing much more of Kaia this year than I will of John. And there’s really not much else going on. Also, she’s really, really cute. Let’s just be honest: we are convinced that we are the owners of sweetest, smartest, most loyal and adorable puppy ever.

Those people. I’m about to post an entry entirely about this dog. I promise, we do still do some other things. Some. Maybe I should write about those, too…

Kaia recently enjoyed her very first bone. Though uncertain at first, she quickly figured it out.

I paused from preparing dinner to find this scene. Upon deciding she was finished with her bone, Kaia placed it on the counter. Maybe she’s got it in her head that all delicious (and therefore forbidden) things go on the counter and, therefore, politely returned her treat when she was finished. Yes, let’s go with that. So smart. 

P.S. The counter tops were thoroughly cleaned! 

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