touching the heart of Africa

I am convinced that it is impossible not to like Khuba.
I welcomed the unexpected interruption on Friday when Khuba stopped by my house to say hello. We talked about the photos on my fridge, about family and travel, but mostly, we talked about ZEBS and the ministry to which Khuba has dedicated his life. 
Khuba is an amaZioni pastor and ZEBS teacher who has been working closely with Greg for many, many years now. I first met him during my last trip to South Africa and have enjoyed learning bits of his story.
In this video, you’ll hear his incredible testimony of how God brought him from death to life and from fear to freedom. You’ll also get a fantastic overview of amaZioni culture and the history and mission of ZEMA. 
I’m here because of stories like these- because our God is at work and I can’t help but want to be a part of it!

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