thankful: 11.12.11

Today’s thanks:

1. A great night’s sleep that ended with the sunrise. 
2. The constant song of birds. 
3. Morning tea with Carlene. I’m thankful for the wonderful friendship we’ve been able to share.  
4. That the Lord’s mercies are new every morning. I appreciated this reminder from Ann Voskamp: 
“God’s mercies are new every morning–not as an obligation to you, but as an affirmation of you. It’s right there in the sky every morning: Every sunrise proves the burn of His passionate heart. 
The car can fail today and the kids and the dog and the fire detector and the dishwasher and the doctor and the whole free democratic world and its entire economic system but the mercies of God cannot and will not fail and His faithfulness is not merely great–it is unwavering. 
And the God who so loved this cracked world that He gave, He hasn’t ever stopped giving, and He won’t stop giving today and it’s His very mercy that gets us from one moment to the next and we’re all walking around in an atmosphere of brazen affection.” 
5. The sweet smell of beeswax candles. 
6. Monkeys that didn’t make it into my house! I heard their distinct grunting and rounded the corner of my living room to meet a pair of curious eyes staring right back at me through my open window. Mind you, the windows here don’t have screens or bars. Thirty seconds more and I’m convinced he would’ve been waltzing into my kitchen or through my open front door, for that matter.
7. That time is passing quickly. I’m not eager to leave South Africa, but I am ready to wake up next to my husband each morning and cook meals for more than one. 
8. That we, most likely, have a place to make our home in Mississippi. 
9. Connections that John has already made in Mississippi. We’ve been praying for solid Christian friends who share our life situation and it seems God is already answering that prayer! 

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