thankful: 11.6.12

Today I am thankful for:

1. French pressed coffee and good conversations at the Bisher’s
2. The privilege of spending the afternoon with these guys:

 My Tuesday 4th-5th grade group. 

3. The joy of the children. They exhibit remarkable enthusiasm for something as ordinary as punctuation and get excited over the simplest things, like viewing photos of themselves or seeing monkeys (I’m glad I’m not the only one still a bit excited by animals regarded by most South Africans with about as much enthusiasm as a squirrel would render in the US). Last week, we had to stop everything we were doing to rush outside to watch the monkeys.

Oh, and the kids  LOVE to sit in the front seat of the baakie. “Miss, miss, isihlalo” is a request I receive at least twice from each child every day. We were on our way back to San Souci today when I realized that the child sitting in the front seat beside me wasn’t wearing her seatbelt. Now, it’s not like the kids in the back have any form of restraint whatsoever (apart from my reminder every day that they must sit still because the road is very bumpy), so it almost seemed silly to ask, but I suggested that she use the seat belt.

She had no idea what I was talking about. “Excuse me, miss? Seat belt?” I explained again, showing her my belt. She was still completely confused. I pulled over to help her and realized that getting to ride in the baakie at all is probably much more exciting than I could ever possibly understand.

Philasande, Zinhle and Lihlethemba walking home.

I am so blessed!

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