a fresh start

I’m sitting in Groundworks, my favorite coffee shop at the moment. It’s pouring outside, so much so that the ceiling is dripping. I may or may not be enjoying my second latte of the day. It’s a gray, gloomy, curl-up-with-a-good-book sort of day…or perhaps, in absence of such a book, a start-a-new-blog sort of day.

 Why a new blog?  I’ve asked myself the same question many times in the last few months. While I’m not at all confident that a new blog will spur me on to great writing habits, I do think that a fresh page might help a little. My other blog has been around since my early high school years. The posts there encompass three Africa trips, college decisions, and plenty of late night musings. That blog documents my life fairly well, but doesn’t quite fit our life– John and I together.

Lately, my other blog feels a bit too small, a bit too restrictive and a bit dusty. I’ve often felt myself paralyzed and unable to write because I feel I must have something radical or profound to say in order for it to be post-worthy. Not surprisingly, our day to day life isn’t very profound or radical. We work, we go to Bible study, we study, we cook, we clean, and occasionally we take an interesting trip or have the opportunity to experience something new and unique. I’d like to have the freedom to write not just about the “big” things, but some of the everyday sorts of things, too.

So here’s to our everyday.

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